Find useful resources here

To aid in our support of parents and siblings; we produce a number of different resources that can help in a variety of different ways. Such as sibling workbooks that help a big brother or sister to understand how they are feeling, or storybooks for young children, they are all provided by our team for your use. 

Please see below a number of resources that you can download as a PDF for use by your and your family.

Sibling Support Book

A simple activity book that siblings can work through which are fun activities but also relatable to the subject of their new baby brother/sister and their stop in NICU.


A storybook for younger siblings to help them start to underdstand the role of a NICU and the care their brother/sister may be receiving. Please download this in conjunction with the worksheets so you and your child can follow the story and complete the sheets whilst reading. 

Storybook Worksheets

The worksheets to accompany the Storybook, these worksheets should be downloaded in conjunction with the Storybook.