Families on NICU

Supporting you and your family in NICU,
reducing your worries

What we offer:

Sitting with your newborn​​

Our compassionate volunteers will help with holding and comforting premature and/or sick babies, giving you some peace-of-mind, while you spend some quality time with your other children and family members.

Sibling support so you can spend time with your sick or premature baby

Noah’s Star offers one of the very first organised sibling support services ever to have been set up in the UK. A much-needed service backed up by medical research & evidence, but most importantly, by the feedback, we receive time and time again from the families we have been proud to support.

Our sibling support service is at the very core of what we at Noah’s Star. It has been specifically set up for the brothers and sisters of babies needing neonatal care. We provide siblings with their own support bag, which includes our Noah’s Star sibling support workbook, a journal, a pen, a teddy and activities to help keep them occupied.

Ultimately this allows parents and carers to spend some time with their new-borns without the worry of their other children’s needs for a period of time. It also helps the siblings by offering them an often much-needed distraction and of course somebody to talk to if they’d like to.

Volunteers on ward to help and assist

We understand the importance of offering parents peace of mind while spending time with their baby, while giving siblings the time, attention, and tailored support they may need.

In addition to the free sibling support service, Noah’s Star volunteers provide support to parents in the form of a person to talk to, or simply bring a cup of tea to those unable to leave their baby.